Why make a website mobile-friendly?

Imagine a user looking at your website on a mobile device.

Can the user easily read your page and find the necessary information or is too hard to use?

The desktop version of a site might be difficult to view and use on a mobile device. The version that’s not mobile-friendly requires the user to pinch or zoom in order to read the content.

Users find this a frustrating experience and are likely to abandon the site. Alternatively, the mobile-friendly version is readable and immediately usable.

  • 94% of people with smartphones search for information on their phones
  • 77% of mobile searches occur at home or at work, places where desktop computers are likely to be present
  • SA had a total of 24,909,854 internet users during 2014
  • SA showed a 14% internet growth during 2014 with a total of 3,002,362 new users

Moblie is critical to your business and will continue to be so.

From 21 April 2015 mobile-friendly websites will get favourable treatment from Google in searches from mobile divices.

Make sure visitors can have a good experience on your site when they’re visiting from their mobile devices.

94 %
smartphone users search on their phones
77 %
mobile searches occur at home or at work
14 %
One Year Growth In SA 2014
Internet Users In SA 2014

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