Urgent PHP 7.2 Software Update (26 Nov 2018)

PHP 5.6 has ended. End of Life means the extended security fix period is now coming to an end. PHP 5.6 will no longer receive any updates, security fixes, or bug fixes.

All websites will be automatically upgraded on the 4 November 2019 to PHP 7.2. Any remaining non-compatible sites with older PHP versions (5.6 and 7.0) will not display on the internet.

In order to avoid disruption to your website, we urge you to upgrade as a matter of urgency before the expiry date (4 November 2019). Our fee of R1250 will include software updates on your website and a upgrade to PHP version 7.2. Upgrades after the 4 November 2019 will cost an extra R2250 over and above the standard R1250 as we will have to make manual changes to all the core files. If your theme and files are not compatible then we will have to rebuild your entire website and will have to re-quote for a new website.

A website with PHP 5.6 can handle 49.18 req/sec while PHP 7.2 can wield a staggering number of 148.80 req/sec. In short, PHP 7 can handle three times as many visitors as PHP 5 can, using the same amount of memory.

Please note that unsupported plugins will be removed in order to display your website correctly and that we will not be held accountable for any loss of functionality.

We will issue a quotation for replacing the necessary plugins if need be.



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