New Car Dealerships

WebSiteDesigns offers new car dealerships the opportunity to showcase all their new and existing vehicle models in Virtual Reality format.

What does this mean? Your clients will be able to view all your models in a real live situation without having to visit a dealership.

Clients will be able to view the models from all angles, top, back, front and both sides. They will be able to open the bonnet, boot and all the doors to get a real feel for the vehicle. They can also view at close range the mag wheels, inside interior of the vehicle, the engine and boot.

Prelaunch vehicles can be emailed to your clients in Virtual Reality format with the branch and salespersons details to promote new and existing models.

What does it cost?

WebSiteDesigns will charge a fixed monthly fee of R3000 per month that will include:

  • all the current vehicle brand models

  • new model releases

  • vehicle updates and facelifts

  • hosting and maintenance fees

A yearly license fee of R2500 will be charges to keep the software updated and to optimize all new aspects and enhancements.

Please click on the right side of the below Virtual Reality Hyundai Venue to view in Fullscreen Mode.

Feel free to contact Juan on 0787816136 should you be interested to take your business to the next level.

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